2020 - 21 School Year

SY 2020 Bell Schedule

This year presents an opportunity for us to engage in new experiences as it relates to learning, growing, and self-reflection. Your success this school year is rooted in your commitment to SHOW UP to school, daily. Please become familiar with the new bell schedules. You will be expected to follow this bell schedule for in-person and remote instruction.

Normal Day Schedule for Blended and Remote Students

Student Schedules (Modified Remote for when ALL students are remote


Note: The times for the start and end times between each period is longer between the Normal Day Schedule and Modified Remote in order to take into account the time needed for students transition from class to class.

When do I come to school?

First ask yourself: What student group am I in?

If you are in Groups A, B, or C, then there are specific dates you should report to school for in-person instruction. When you are not physically in school, you attending school remotely.

If you are in Group D, you attend school 100% remotely.

Use this in-person calendar to identify the days you are expected to attend school in-person. Print it out if you can. Hard copies will be distributed to students during the first week of school.

ABC Calendar

Cell Phone (and other Electronics) Policy

Bronx Design and Construction Academy believes that access to technology is important to the teaching and learning of students. While considering the nature of our environment, in which we live in a time of COVID-19, eliminating the exchange of items is critical to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. As such, Bronx Design will no longer collect student cell phones upon entry into the building. Additionally, students are encouraged to bring their remote learning devices to school in order to eliminate borrowing different school issued devices, daily.


Student Expectations: Remote Learning Devices (Laptops and iPads)

  • Secure devices inside a durable bag (bookbag) to ensure safety transfer from school and home.
  • Bring a charger to ensure the device remains charged to use during in-person instruction when prompted by the teacher.
  • Internet use should be for educational purposes only, not for music or visiting any non-academic related sites. 
  • Misuse of technology will lead to the collection of the device by a staff member for the day, and reissued to the student at the end of the school day.


Student Expectations: Cell Phones

  • Upon entry into the school building, students are expected to place cell phone(s) inside their bookbag.
  • Student cell phones should be programmed on silent while in the school building.
  • Student cell phones may not be used to make phone calls, send text messages, play music, or record any video or audio while inside the school building.
  • Cell phones may not be charged inside the classroom.
  • Headphones and bluetooth devices are prohibited inside the school building. 


The security of all cell phones is the responsibility of the student. Under no circumstances will the school, Bronx Design and Construction Academy, pay for any loss or damage cell phones. Students are advised to keep their cell phones in their personal bag, and are responsible for their bags throughout the school day. Students should never leave their personal items unattended.


Misuse and violation of the electronics policy will lead to confiscation of devices.

Ladder of Referral:

First Step - Redirection by teacher.

Second Step - Redirection by administrator.

Third Step - Collection of the device, which is returned at the end of the school day.

Fourth Step - Collection of the device that will be returned to guardian.

Fifth Step - Student may no longer bring cell phone to school. 

Sixth Step - Parent conference with administer to discuss alternate learning preference [Move from Blended to Remote].