2021 - 22 School Year

Cell Phone (and other Electronics) Policy

Bronx Design and Construction Academy believes that access to technology is important to the teaching and learning of students. While considering the nature of our environment, in which we live in a time of COVID-19, we would like for students to use the same laptop in all classes, as needed. Students will be allowed to take their laptops home. However, cell phones will be collected while students are in school. 

Student Expectations: Remote Learning Devices (Laptops and iPads)

  • Secure devices inside a durable bag (bookbag) to ensure safety transfer from school and home.
  • Bring a charger to ensure the device remains charged to use during in-person instruction when prompted by the teacher.
  • Internet use should be for educational purposes only, not for music or visiting any non-academic related sites. 
  • Misuse of technology will lead to the collection of the device by a staff member for the day, and reissued to the student at the end of the school day.

Student Expectations: Cell Phones

  • Cell Phone devices will be collected by the school upon entry into the building before entering through scanning.
  • Phones will be placed within individual bubble wrap bags which display the student’s full name. 
  • Once secured in individual bubble wrap bags, cell phones will be deposited in a secure Bronx Design storage unit.
  • The Bronx Design cell phone storage unit will be placed and locked in a secure location until redistribution at the end of the school day.
  • Students who arrive after 9:00 and after morning scanning closes in the cafeteria (9:30 AM) will wait until the students who arrive early and on time to receive their phones during afternoon distribution. Students can pick up their cell phone from a designated school administrator. 
  • Cell Phones will ONLY be redistributed at the end of a student's scheduled day. 
  • No cellphones will be returned to a student before the end of their scheduled day unless they are attending an approved trip, internship, or picked up by parent/guardian.
  • All cellphones will be disputed at the end of the students 8th period class by their 8th period teacher.

Under no circumstances will the school, Bronx Design and Construction Academy, pay for any loss or damage cell phones. Students are advised to turn in their cell phone upon arrival to school. Students should never leave their personal items unattended.


Misuse and violation of the electronics policy will lead to confiscation of devices.

Ladder of Referral:

Step 1: Redirection by teacher.

Step 2: Redirection by administrator.

Step 3: Collection of the device, which is returned at the end of the school day.

Step 4: Collection of the device that will be returned to guardian.

Step 5: Student may no longer bring cell phone to school. 

Step 6: Parent conference with administer to discuss alternate learning preference [Move from Blended to Remote].