The profession of architecture touches everyone’s life and is central to solving problems in the creation of a built environment. Architectural technicians are problem solvers who work with clients on the design of buildings. They also create plans and specifications that direct the construction of a building and coordinate the work of other professional consultants and engineers. Managing information and responding to the many diverse requirements of governments, building conditions, and society is increasingly important in the construction industry. The architectural profession is rapidly integrating the technology of computers and automation to assist in the management of information and to free up time for creative work.

Our program teaches students the concepts and skills that form the technical knowledge of architectural computer-aided drafting. Our curriculum is project-based to allow students the opportunity to gain knowledge of architectural design principles, determine building code and zoning requirements for building types in a selected area, and forge a deep understanding of the various grades and types of construction. The Architectural Technology program, here at the Bronx Design and Construction Academy, not only prepares students to become qualified for employment in the architectural profession but to also obtain entrance into architectural programs in nationally-accredited universities.


Bronx Design and Construction Academy actively collaborates with the New York City Department of Education's Office of Career and Technical Education's two commissions:

(1) The Engineering, Architecture and Robotics Commission began in May, 2016, to provide educational and training opportunities for CTE students in a sector in which employers need highly skilled workers. The commission is chaired by Denise Richardson, Executive Director of The General Contractors Association of New York.

(2) The Construction and Sustainability Commission supports a diverse range of CTE programs from traditional trades such as plumbing and electrical to emerging areas such as historical preservation arts, green building and architecture. The commission is chaired by Nicole Bertran, Vice President, Edward J. Malloy Construction Skills Initiative.


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